Want to do mass email blast

This is possible but you need to consider a few basics. First, read the terms for your web hosting, many web hosts will limit the number of emails that you can send on an hourly basis. This is to prevent their IP addresses from being blacklisted. What we have done for clients is to throttle the sending over a longer period. We might send say 50 emails an hour. If you want to send many thousands of emails on a more frequent basis it might be worth investing in a dedicated server or use an email service like Constant Contact.

When we set up your website, we can install the tools needed to send out your own monthly newsletters. This can save you the fees of using a 3rd party service.  We can also set up a branded template for emails to match your website.

If you have just a one-off email to send out, we can take care of that for you.

Here are a few eBlasts we’ve managed:

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