When requesting a render, you will be added to 1 of 3 lists. Check the lists to the right to see where you are on the list. All requests are completed in the order they are received.


Can I request more than 1 render?

Sure, but in fairness to others who haven’t gotten one yet, the new request goes to the bottom of the request queue.

When will my render be done?

Check the render queue. I do 2-15 simple renders per week and only one special request per week. You should be able to guesstimate based on how many requests are ahead of you.

What do I need to do to get a render?

First off, you have to be following. I do these renders as a way to build up my audience.  If you unfollow after you get your render, that’s just mean and cruel. Secondly, if you go to it will tell you what to do for either PC or PE players. You need to send me your skin and you’ll find instructions if you’re unsure how.

How long does a render take?

Depends on the queue. Check the render queue to see how many renders are ahead of you.

My name isn’t on the list

Please double check all 3 lists. You may be on the ‘awaiting skins’ list. Once you send your skin, you will be moved to the Renders queue. If you double checked all 3 lists and still don’t see your name, sorry. I get lots of requests and may have missed yours.  Please send your request again and I’ll get you added to the right list.

Can I make a special request like an orange ocelot or a can I have a cape?

Yes, you can make special requestss — like can I stand next to an ocelot or can I fly through the air or can I have a camera or telephone in my render.  If I can do it, I will. Some requests though I may not be able to do because I’m still learning the render program and just may not know how to do it.  Yet.  Please note that special requests take longer to do than a basic render so I can only do one per week.  Check the special requests queue so you get an idea of how long it may be until your render is done. For example, if there are 3 special requests already in the queue, it may be almost a month before you get your render. Sorry it takes so long, but I still have schoolwork, sports, chores, etc to do.