eCommerce website

Whether you have a brick and mortar storefront or a virtual business, having an eCommerce website is a common addition and a great way to make money 24/7.

First we will look at your requirements in terms of the categories of products and if you need sub-categories, what kind of payment system you are using, etc. We would need to consider how much information is provided for each item for sale. We recommend professional images and very descriptive content as this will help with search engine rankings.   If you don’t have professional images of your products, we have a product photographer we work with that make your pictures pop! We have a few different cart programs we recommended. The decision on which to use is based on your current environment, how many products you’re selling and the type of products you’re selling.

eCommerce website merchant account

Your eCommerce website will require a merchant account. For new businesses, or those who anticipate low monthly sales, we recommend using PayPal for your credit card processing.  Their “starter” plan has no monthly fees and is a great way to save money until you get things rolling. And once you do, you can easily upgrade the type of account you have. If you anticipate your needs to be larger right off the bat, we can make recommendations for that too.

Shipping and shipping charges are other considerations. You need to be able to cover your time and costs while at the same time making sure that shipping is not a barrier to the customer purchase. Are you manufacturing and selling your items or is someone else drop shipping your products?  Irregardless of the path you choose, Fat Creative can help you get your eCommerce website up and running smoothly in no time at all.

Setting up an eCommerce website should be handled by a team that knows what they’re doing. Here are a few sites where we’ve set up a store-front.

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