Crossfire Highlight Video

Getting a Recruiting Tape or Highlight Film is easy!

  1. Send us the video footage (it can be in any format – YouTube, DVD, File Format, etc).
  2. Complete the Highlight Video Worksheet indicating player’s information and what videos to include.
  3. Once we get your time codes, we build the highlight film – complete with highlighting the athlete with a circle so the viewer can easily find you; pertinent information to share with prospective coaches is added to the beginning and end of the video; generic music is added. We then email you a link for review.
  4. If you want changes, we implement the changes and send it back for approval.
  5. When you are satisfied, we’ll send you the link to your final film so it can be emailed to any coach/family member in the world.  We also provide you a digital file of the film that can be uploaded to VolleyBallRecruits.
We’ll edit your raw footage into a dazzling highlight video for college coaches, family and friends!
  • Turnaround time is 2-3 business days upon receipt of time codes and videos
  • Videos will be uploaded to YouTube. You can choose to have them listed Publicly (searchable on YouTube) or Unlisted (only viewable by someone you share the link with)
  • Videos are $200 and will be invoiced through Crossfire Volleyball

To get started, please download and complete the  Highlight Video Worksheet and return to us by email or fax to 360-237-3367.

Tips for Making a Highlight Film